Doing Science

Doing science and doing good science are not the same thing. Just ask Greg and Patrickā€¦ From the basics of creating a research idea, designing studies to take advantage of advanced quantitative methods, or thinking about the replication crisis, the Quantidudes ensure that everyone is angry about something by the end. Featuring: Patrick's worst idea in a crowded field, Greg doing the splits, and more!

Professional Development

Ever wanted job market advice from people who got tenure before indoor plumbing was common? Have we got some episodes for you. Here, Patrick and Greg offer a peek behind the curtain of academia as a profession. From applying to grants, reviewing a paper from a quantitative perspective, or dealing with that nagging feeling that you might not belong, these episodes grapple with succeeding at science as your day job. (Mileage may vary)

Specific Methods

In these episodes, Greg and Patrick talk about individual modeling approaches, such as regression, structural equation modeling, and other things they pretend to know about (with some assists in the form of early-morning calls with actual experts). Click below to hear in-depth discussions of specific methods with exactly as much seriousness and rigor you've come to expect from the Quantidudes.