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Quantitude is a podcast dedicated to all things quantitative, ranging from the relevant to the highly irrelevant. Co-hosts Patrick Curran and Greg Hancock talk about serious statistical topics, but without taking themselves too seriously. Think: CarTalk hi-jacked by the two grumpy old guys from the Muppets, grousing about quantitative methods, statistics, and data analysis, all presented to you with the production value of a 6th grade school project. But in a good way.

Curran Facts

Six are true; six are false. Subscribe to our podcast to find out what's what.
(It's like "Two Truths and a Lie" but better!)

  1. His favorite movie is Dirty Dancing. No one puts Baby in a corner!
  2. Once in college he used the urinal next to the lead singer of the Gin Blossoms.
  3. He drove the wrong way on a roundabout in London. Twice.
  4. As a grown adult his eye swelled completely shut after being punched in the face by a five year old girl.
  5. When he was three he sat on the steps in a background shot on Sesame Street.
  6. He was attacked by a monkey while hiking in Costa Rica and had his binoculars stolen.
  7. Over his lifetime he has broken more than 20 bones in his body.
  8. He has never won a trophy in his entire life.
  9. His lifelong dream is to be a published novelist.
  10. He collects rare stamps and curates an anonymous blog on the topic.
  11. He currently plays trumpet in a 1940’s-era swing band.
  12. As a child he electrocuted himself into unconsciousness while conducting an experiment to see if a lawn mower would continue running without a spark plug.

Hancock Facts

Six are true; six are false. Subscribe to our podcast to find out what's what.
(We take this game very seriously, so please give it your best effort.)

  1. He once made 23 free throws in a row in basketball.
  2. He used to be a high school chemistry teacher.
  3. His mother named him after her favorite actor (Gregory Peck).
  4. When he was 9 years old he accidentally lit his hair on fire doing a science experiment.
  5. He has shaken hands with two U.S. Vice-Presidents.
  6. He played the clarinet throughout elementary and junior high school.
  7. He was the Pacific Northwest junior table tennis champion when he was 14.
  8. He did the illustrations for an opera singer’s autobiography.
  9. His picture appears on the planet Mars.
  10. His grandmother went on a lunch date with Albert Einstein.
  11. He and a friend drove across the U.S. in under 48 hours.
  12. He has a small, supernumerary digit on his left foot.

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