S1E09: Grumpy Old Man & Village Idiot Argue About Reliability

Episode 9

In this first episode of 2020, Greg and Patrick welcome the new year by offering what listeners have come to expect: no apparent plan for the episode, followed by rambling, circular, and barely internally-consistent discussion. At least they are, well, reliable. In fact, their meanderings lead them to a discussion of just that topic — reliability. In an impromptu segment they call “Grumpy Old Man & Village Idiot” the Quanti-dudes talk about the often-forgotten but absolutely critical importance of securing high quality measures when addressing substantive research questions, and the severe consequences of failing to do so. In addition to grousing about reliability, they also discuss: questions you can ask in a dissertation defense when you have no idea what is actually going on, Walmart bathroom scales, frisbees on the lawn, toxic masculinity, carnival barkers, sunscreen, Clint Eastwood, and sibling IQ tests. Easter egg alert: listen for a hidden bark from Greg’s dog Gus who wants to be let outside!


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