S3E21: A Low-Resolution Discussion of Sampling Distributions


In this week’s episode Greg and Patrick discuss the critical distinction between sample distributions and sampling distributions and we explore all the different ways in which sampling distributions are foundational to how we conduct research. Along the way they also discuss Starbucks jazz, one item tests, hot pockets, delusions of grandeur, Tetris and Pong, drawing inappropriate distributions, magical properties, texting pictures of kindle pages, Roman arches, 1970’s graphics, never saying never, mumbling, Greenday, ignoring Roy Levy, real life bootstrap, and Goodnight Gracie.

Lightly-Edited Episode Transcript

We provide a lightly-edited and imperfect audio transcript of the episode available here. This is not an exact representation of the audio, but does provide a searchable document with identified speakers and associated time stamps.

Low-Res Sampling Distribution Simulation Applet


Additional Show Notes

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