S3E23: The Mättrix Part II: Using Matrices To Our Advantage


In this week’s episode Greg and Patrick continue their discussion from last week in the Mättrix Part deux in which we continue to explore the magic of matrices including estimation, eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Along the way they  also discuss flawed audio transcripts, 50 shades of Greg, drunkenly shoving a matrix, drug mules, things you need, isomorphic interdigitation, plywood and tennis balls, heroin filled condoms, talking to volleyballs, bawitdaba da bang a dang diggy diggy, meat grinders, not going to prom, vector bouquets, and the Wright Stuff.

Lightly-Edited Episode Transcript

We provide a lightly-edited and imperfect audio transcript of the episode available here. This is not an exact representation of the audio, but does provide a searchable document with identified speakers and associated time stamps.

Additional Show Notes

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