S3E25: Fungible Parameter Estimates and Earthquake Waller


In this week’s episode Greg and Patrick discuss the sometimes terrifying issue of fungible weights in multiple regression and structural equation modeling in which selecting a trivially worse criterion of fit can often lead to radical changes in the corresponding parameter estimates. Along the way they also discuss competitive family Wordle, disambiguation, inflammability, perpitty, being nonplussed, running laps after practice, schmungible, audio eyerolls, Haystacks at Sunset, hyper eggs, the Spiderverse, mountain moonrises, tin cans and strings, and Earthquake Waller.

Lightly-Edited Episode Transcript

We provide a lightly-edited and imperfect audio transcript of the episode available here. This is not an exact representation of the audio, but does provide a searchable document with identified speakers and associated time stamps.

Additional Show Notes

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