S4E07 The Quanti-House of Horror


In this week’s Halloween-themed episode, Greg and Patrick have fun talking about things in their academic jobs that scare them, from things that are a little scary to things that they find absolutely terrifying. Along the way they also discuss Mrs. Kopicky’s caramel popcorn balls, Wolf of Wall Street, Kenny T, forgetting you’ve told a story before, forgetting you’ve told a story before, recurring nightmares, bending but not breaking, the zeta of teaching, Royale with Cheese, necessary roughness, authoritative parenting, shotgunning Pixie Stix, feelings integers, and if ain’t Baroque.

Lightly Edited Transcript

We provide a lightly-edited and obviously imperfect audio transcript of the episode available here. This is not an exact representation of the audio, but does provide a searchable document with identified speakers and associated time stamps.

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