S4E01 Ordinary Least Squares: Back Where It All Began


In the opening episode to Season 4, Greg and Patrick delve into ordinary least squares estimation: where it came from, what it attempts to achieve, and where it can take us from here. Along the way they also discuss Golden Retrievers who are neither gold nor can retrieve, Olivia Newton John, sub-conning out their own work,  the meat sweats, sh*t you should know, being intolerably self-righteous, losing your camel, saying ham in French, Calvinball, Frank finding Gauss’s corpse, crudely describing regression, and Sexy Hulk.

Lightly Edited Transcript

We provide a lightly-edited and obviously imperfect audio transcript of the episode available here. This is not an exact representation of the audio, but does provide a searchable document with identified speakers and associated time stamps.

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