S4E20 Dynamic Structural Equation Models with Ellen Hamaker


In this week’s episode Greg & Patrick talk with Dr. Ellen Hamaker from Utrecht University about the exciting and growing area of dynamic structural equation models. They discuss its tremendous substantive and methodological promise as well its assumptions and potential limitations. Along the way they also mention talking in acronyms, QSEM, cowardly bathroom stall phone calls, statistical sock puppets, Interrupting Patrick, outsourcing, John Wick, copy machines, I want a cookie, bad clinical psychologists, closeness and tension, million dollar question, aspirin effects, Greg’s blue eyes, fathers matter!, and what keeps you up at night.

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Suggested Readings

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Video Tutorials

Dr. Ellen Hamaker YouTube Channel on DSEM

Dan Bauer, Patrick Curran, & J-P Laurenceau APA Lecture Series on ILD & DSEM


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