October 2020

S2E10: Type I Terror

Greg and Patrick talk about the control of Type I error rate. Well, more like… they say stuff, change their minds, say stuff, change their minds… and in the end — spoiler alert — reach no unified conclusion whatsoever.  But they do manage to hit a number of the relevant issues around Type I error …

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S2E09: MANOVA Must Die

Patrick and Greg hold a traditional Irish funeral for multivariate analysis of variance, starting with a heartfelt eulogy in front of family and friends in the church and then moving to a more honest reckoning with Mom and Aunt Dotty at the reception in the school gym following the service. Along with a celebration of …

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S2E08: Mediation and the Art of Squid Spleening

In this episode Patrick and Greg follow up last week’s discussion of moderation by tackling its partner in crime, mediation, including causal challenges, ways of  testing, and how they think about it as part of a larger analytical system. Along the way they also manage to discuss word association, personal grievances, light switches, the Concord, …

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