May 2021

S2E34: The Mentorlorian

In the final episode of Season 2, Greg and Patrick enlist the help of colleagues in a conversation about the joys and challenges of being a good mentor. Along the way they also discuss Cinco de Cuatro, Fozzie Bear, trash compactors and rubber snakes, pitchers at Linda’s, giant jugs of wine, meeting the dog, someone …

S2E34: The Mentorlorian

S2E33: Truth, Balderdash, and Construct Validity

In this episode Patrick and Greg construct a deconstruction of the construct of construct validity. Constructively. Along the way they also discuss Jacques, sheep STDs, Bill Clinton, college admissions, touching a giant turtle, butwinking, cadaver bingo, nomological networks, teen spirit, playing drop-the-hanky, ticket to the prom, and lipstick on a pig. 


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