confirmatory factor analysis

S5E06 Advanced Factor Structures

In today’s episode, Patrick and Greg talk about fun extensions to the basic confirmatory factor model, including higher order models, bifactor or residualized models, and multitrait-multimethod models. Along the way they also discuss microscope lab, burning ants, substitute teaching, Cool or Creepy?, Monet, Clueless, haystacks, hotdogs, What are you thinking?, pennies and pounds, party like […]

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S4E21 Exploratory Structural Equation Modeling

In this week’s episode Greg and Patrick talk about exploratory structural equation modeling (or ESEM), a technique drawing upon the strengths of exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis methods and able to be embedded within structural equation models. Along they way they also discuss crab vs. crabs, Most Dangerous Catch, Next Day Blinds, smash-and-grab, sharp pencils,

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